Sweet Tooth Marijuana Strain



Sweet Tooth Marijuana Strain

Sweet Tooth Marijuana Strain – has a sweet smell of flowers and berries that accompanies it.

Indica = 85% – Sativa = 15%

THC Level = 15.0% – 20.0% Avg.

CBD Level = 1.1% Avg.

 This Indica dominant hybrid is recommended in the evenings when nothing is planned, or just before bedtime. A three-way cross between an Afghani landrace, a Hawaiian heirloom, and a Nepalese landrace, it produces a euphoric cerebral head buzz while the body stone relaxes every muscle from head to toe.

Patients who suffer from chronic or debilitating pain, arthritis, and general aching in the back, neck, or joints have found Sweet Tooth to be a very effective pain reliever. It provides a heavy lazy stone that is effective in alleviating various physical pains so, it is best to remember and anticipate the potential of a lazy day. It is this reason Sweet Tooth is also a successful remedy for insomnia, lulling the user into a relaxing sleep.

Effects: Focused, Physical Pain Relief, Mind Sedation, Reduced Anxiety, Tranquility, Elevated Mood, Cerebral Energy, Body Sedation, Calming, Muscle Relaxant.

Medical Usage: Panic attacks, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Motion Sickness, Painful Peripheral Neuropathy, Nervousness, Tension, Tremors, Irritability, Nerve Pain.


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