NYC Diesel Cannabis Strain



NYC Diesel Cannabis Strain

NYC Diesel Cannabis Strain – a 60% sativa-dominant cross between Mexican and Afghani landraces.

Indica = 40% – Sativa = 60%

THC Level = 16.0% Avg.

CBD Level = 0.50% Avg.

Patients feel somewhat talkative and happy, making this strain beneficial to those who suffer from social anxiety disorders. Also  for those who like to medicate in a social setting. Patients like to medicate with this strain because of its paranoia-free effects. Typically used as ‘wake and bake’ medication to start off many medical users’ day full of energy. But for some it may need to be relegated to afternoon use as it’s high can be quite powerful.

Also known for its superior cerebral high. The strong level of CBD provides patients with a full body sedation while its high level of THC provides a strong mind high. The particular strain is helpful in stimulating your appetite, treating migraines, depression, and nausea and is recommended for a daytime use. NYC Diesel has a very potent aroma consisting of a fruity citrusy pine, alongside a typical diesel smell that you can smell even being stored in sealed baggies.

Effects: Happiness, Euphoric, Uplifted, Creativity, Energized, Focused, Tingly, Giggly.

Medical Usage: Fights Depression, Nausea, Stress, Pain, Inflammation, Eye Pressure, Menstral Cramps, Chronic Pain as well as Muscle Spasms.



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