Master Kush Cannabis Strain



Master Kush Cannabis Strain

Master Kush Cannabis Strain – a popular indica cross created out of two landrace strains.

Indica = 80% – Sativa = 20%

THC Level = 14.95% Avg.

CBD Level = 0.13% Avg.

The child plant of two true indica strains of the Hindu-Kush mountains. However, this strain is best known for its resin content and pungent earthy taste and smell. It is also very similar to charas hashish. This strain has the benefit of providing users with a heavy body high without having much impact on the mind, that is if you can stay awake long enough while under the influence of this strain. Users report this to be a very portent strain that heavily induces sleepiness and lethargy. Not surprisingly, most commonly used to treat insomnia and chronic pain.

Effects: Reduced Anxiety, Tranquility, Elevated Mood, Cerebral Energy, Body Sedation, Calming, Muscle Relaxant, Alert, Mental Relaxation, Decreased Nausea

Medical Usage: Chemotherapy, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Motion Sickness, Painful Peripheral Neuropathy, Nervousness, Tension, Tremors, Irritability, Diabetes, Nerve Pain, Eating Disorders, Restlessness


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