EvoLab Chroma Vape Cartridges




EvoLab Chroma Vape Cartridges

EvoLab Chroma Vape Cartridges – offers an ultra potent blend of cannabinoids and a standardized hybrid blend of terpenes. So consumers can enjoy the same consistent experience they trust, day in and day out. Also the most potent, consistent and refined vape oil available.

THC: 80 -95%

Chroma uses pharmaceutical grade extraction technology and no harmful additives or cutting agents, stripping the cannabis down to the purest form of THC possible.  The all metal cartridge is the perfect delivery mechanism, sporting larger than average air inlets and oil holes, all in a leak-proof design. Best kept upright, disconnected from the 510 thread battery when not in use. Keep out of extreme heat and cold Max voltage 4v.


Additional information

Evolab Chroma

Blueberry, Pineapple, Sweet Melon, Tropical Fruit


500mg (0.5g)


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