Buy White Widow Cannabis Strain



Buy White Widow Cannabis Strain

Buy White Widow Cannabis Strain –  a balanced hybrid strain.

This particular strain is lime green in color and covered by “white” trichomes, hence the name “white widow”. Its name gained popularity from the television show Weeds and has become a hit among the cannabis community since (pun-intended). The vapor of this strain is sweet but expansive, so coughing-fits are a common side-effect.

Perfect for daytime or nighttime use, the high from White Widow is generally increases feelings of confidence and euphoria while providing a calming, stable state of mental clarity. You may only need one hit with this strain due to its potency and lengthy duration. The 60/40 blend of sativa-indica cannabis produces both a head buzz and full body high, making it a common remedy for symptoms of PTSD and chronic pain.

Buy White Widow Cannabis Strain Effects 

Relaxation, Happiness, Euphoric.



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