Buy Lemon Skunk Marijuana Strain



Buy Lemon Skunk Marijuana Strain

Buy Lemon Skunk Marijuana Strain – displayed exceptionally zesty lemon traits.

This hybrid has a very strong lemon smell and taste. Lemon Skunk has a high THC level of 22%. With this uplifting high that patients experience, it is perfect for a day time medication because they do not experience couch lock. This cannabis strain is crossed from Lemon Man and Eddie. The Lemon Skunk plant grows very tall with buds that are light green with thick orange hairs covering them.

This strain is the sweetest when it is cut down between 50 and 56 days of growing. Patients are first hit with facial effects- feeling pressure in the eyes and face, and then spread to the jaw and neck area. An increase in patients mood and mental activity are also common, while the body remains calm and relaxed. Lemon Skunk may be medically beneficial in helping to increase mood, mental energy, help with muscle relaxation and help alleviate bodily pains.

Effects: Happiness, Euphoric, Uplifted, Relaxed and Energetic

Medical Usage: Anxiety, Migraines, PTSD



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