Buy Jillybean Marijuana Strain



Buy Jillybean Marijuana Strain

Buy Jillybean Marijuana Strain – a top choice for creative minds and social butterflies looking for unencumbered euphoria.

A hybrid composed of 70% indica properties and 30% sativa properties. Jillybean is crossed between Orange Velvet Skunk and Space Queen.  This cannabis strain has a THC level of 17%. and a CBD level of 0.54%. The heavy orange aroma that comes from the bud smells like something along the lines of sherbert.  The body gets a mellow buzz while the mind experiences a clear headed high. This strain can help regulate mood and stress relief. Patients feel energetic, euphoric, happy, and uplifted when medicating with this strain. The smoke produced by this strain is very fruity and smooth which makes it easy on the throat.

Effects: Happiness, Euphoric as well as Uplifted

Medical Usage: Anxiety, PTSD and also Gastrointestinal Disorder


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