Buy G13 Marijuana Strain UK



Buy G13 Marijuana Strain UK

Buy G13 Marijuana Strain UK –  a very strong strain of cannabis indica that is the subject of many urban legends.

A good head and body buzz are what one can typically expect from this medication. Users report a preference for this particular strain over other similar indicas. This is because G-13 produces a full relief of body pain without inducing fatigue or sluggishness. For this reason, this strain may be a good option for those who need pain relief during the day while still maintaining an upbeat and productive routine. Among the many who benefit from this strain are patients suffering from inflammation, loss of appetite, stomach issues, chronic pain, and lupus.

Effects: Relaxation, Happiness, Euphoric, Uplifted and Sleepy

Medical Usage: Anxiety, ADD/ADHD, Migraines, Stress, Pain as well as Depression.


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