Blueberry Kush Marijuana Strain



Blueberry Kush Marijuana Strain

Blueberry Kush Marijuana Strain – a strong indica strain that slowly brings on a heavy body sensation. Hence helping patients forget their pain and relax.

Especially ideal for settling down at night and relaxing into sleep, this indica strain is consistently among the most popular strains in the cannabis industry. Known for its effects on appetite, mood, and physical comfort. Also recommended for treating conditions across the board from depression to chronic and severe pain. This strain is widely considered to be one of the strongest natural pain relievers. Occasionally at higher doses users experience feelings of paranoia and nervousness due to its potent effects on physical and mental processes.

Effects: Relaxation, Happiness, Euphoric, Sleepy and Hungry

Medical Usage: Anxiety, ADD/ADHD, Arthiritis, Stress, Pain, Insomnia as well as Depression.


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