Animal Cookies Marijuana Strain



Animal Cookies Marijuana Strain

Animal Cookies Marijuana Strain.

This hybrid comes from a cross of the strains Girl Scout Cookie and Fire OG. Thus its effects puts patients bodies in a full body melt coupled with a cerebral and spacey high.

The aroma is a very sweet almost sugary berry flavor. Buds are a dense green color with a large crystalline layer tipped with a deep purple color. Growers love this strain as its effects are intense giving it a top shelf quality label while still maintaining a fast budding period. Animal Cookie is lab tested with 19.8% THC level, thus giving patients a hard hitting high with nearly instant effects. This strain is not best for the novice smoker as its effects are quite potent it should only be used to treat more severe ailments. Moreover this strain is a prime candidate for those suffering from anorexia as it induces severe munchies. Other ailments it may be used to treat are anxiety, ADD/ADHD, migraines, PTSD, and bipolar disorder.


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